Why is ATT giving me a free phone?

Why is ATT giving me a free phone?

AT surprising 3G customers with free phones after the network shut down. AT is shutting down its 3G network next year. The change is set to come next February and will affect a lot of people stuck on AT’s 3G network. To compensate for the shutdown, the company is providing a free replacement phone.

Why is AT sending out free phones?

“In February 2022, your current cell phone won’t work anymore. That’s why we’re offering you a free cell phone – so you can continue enjoying your service on our faster network.

How to switch phones on AT?

View your AT account online,or visit an AT store and talk to a representative.

  • Buy a new phone. When upgrading,discounts are available and the phone automatically keeps the original number.
  • Put the old SIM card into the new phone if necessary.
  • Activate the phone. The phone is activated at the time of the upgrade or purchase,usually via the in-store representatives.
  • How to unlock AT Phone?

    1) Check your eligibility for a carrier unlock. AT will unlock your phone for free if you meet the criteria for unlocking. 2) Get your iPhone’s IMEI number. You can access this number by dialing *#06#. 3) Visit the AT Device Unlock Portal. 4) Submit your request. 5) Check your email. 6) Backup your iPhone. 7) Insert your new SIM card. 8) Restore your iPhone.

    How do I contact AT?

    AT wireless customer service AT wireless customers should call 611 or 800.331.0500 from their AT mobile phone — not the main AT customer service number — for the best experience.

  • DIRECTV customer service Call the main DIRECTV customer service number at 800.531.5000 for all issues related to your DIRECTV service.
  • Wireless support for travel abroad When traveling outside of the U.S,call+1.314.925.6925 for AT Wireless support. Available 24/7 for free from AT mobile phones.
  • Are AT iPhones unlocked?

    Visit att.com/deviceunlock/.

  • Select Unlock your device.
  • Read and agree to the eligibility requirements1 to unlock your device.
  • Complete and submit the form.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email with the unlock request number.
  • Select the link in the email within 24 hours of receipt to confirm the unlock request or the request will be cancelled.
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