How much does IPTAY cost?

How much does IPTAY cost?


How do I join IPTAY?

There are four ways to join:

  1. Online at the link found HERE (See steps in next question)
  2. Phone at 864-656-2115.
  3. Mailing in an IPTAY Collegiate Club found HERE.
  4. Coming by the IPTAY Office during office hours (NOTE: Our staff is currently working from remote locations at this time and the IPTAY Center is currently closed)

What does IPTAY for Clemson stand for?

I pay ten a year
What is IPTAY? Originally, the letters IPTAY stood for “I pay ten a year.” Begun in 1934 to give the Clemson athletic program the support it needed, IPTAY is now one of the most successful athletic fundraising organizations.

Who started IPTAY?

The IPTAY scholarship fund traces its roots to the 1930s. Dr. Rupert Fike is credited with being the originator of IPTAY, but the seed that Dr. Fike needed for his now much-envied group was planted there by then-head football coach Jess Neely.

What is IPTAY day?

Originally, the letters IPTAY stood for “I pay ten a year.” Begun in 1934 to give the Clemson athletic program the support it needed, IPTAY is now one of the most successful athletic fundraising organizations. IPTAY donors provide millions of dollars in scholarships for student-athletes and non-athletes alike.

What is IPTAY collegiate club?

What is the IPTAY Collegiate Club? As the student group within IPTAY, the Collegiate Club connects you with Clemson Athletics and works to make sure every Clemson team has a loyal fan base at every home game. Since it began in 1997, the IPTAY Collegiate Club has grown to over 8,000 members.

When was IPTAY founded?

Since its founding in 1934, IPTAY has been committed to supporting Clemson student-athletes. IPTAY provides funding for athletic scholarships, new and upgraded facilities and Nieri Hall, the student-athlete academic enrichment center.

How much is IPTAY at Clemson?

IPTAY, the fundraising arm for Clemson University Athletics, finished the IPTAY 2021 campaign with a “One-IPTAY” record of $76.3M in contributions.

Is IPTAY a 501c3?

IPTAY the fundraising arm for Clemson Athletics since 1934 is classified as an independent 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. With being a 501c3 non-profit organization all gifts to IPTAY are donations which are non-refundable.

Are donations to university sports tax deductible?

No deduction shall be allowed for any amount paid to or for the benefit of an institution of higher education if the payer receives (directly or indirectly) as a result of that payment the right to purchase tickets to an athletic event at an athletic stadium at that institution.

Is Clemson Iptay tax deductible?

For gifts made to IPTAY, under tax legislation, donations that also confer seating rights to Clemson home athletic events may no longer be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. As such, many employer’s matching gift programs will no longer match gifts to IPTAY as they are no longer tax deductible.

How did Clemson get its name?

1807-1888. Thomas Green Clemson, the University’s founder and namesake, was as complex as the times in which he lived. In his 80 years, he achieved fame as a diplomat, an agriculturalist and a mining engineer. Clemson was a renaissance man whose hobbies included music, art and the classics of the ancient world.

How many IPTAY donors are there?

Since 1934, IPTAY has been the backbone of the Clemson Tigers, supporting the success of our nearly 500 student-athletes in competition and in the classroom. Our over 17,000 priority donors are the fuel that makes everything possible for these young men and women who wear the Tiger Paw!

Are Iptay donations tax deductible?

IPTAY donations are 100% tax deductible. This is why you get a statement for your tax records from IPTAY. Tickets are not tax deductible because you are receiving a product. IPTAY donations are 100% tax deductible.

Is IPTAY tax-deductible?

Is Clemson IPTAY tax-deductible?

Is Clemson a not for profit?

The Clemson University Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization incorporated in South Carolina.

Are IPTAY donations tax deductible 2020?

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