Where is my Thule model number?

Where is my Thule model number?

For most Thule products purchased before January 2019 the key number is marked on the face of the lock cylinder. Simply find this number and you can order the corresponding key.

Can you replace the lock on a Thule?

To install a new lock put the change key in the lock, push both into the cavity for the lock, then hold the lock face in place with your finger while pulling out the change key. Check the operation of the lock and you will be done!

What is the Thule guarantee?

The Thule Guarantee will cover any defect or damage affecting your Thule product. Even damage caused by normal wear and tear or the natural discoloration of materials for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The Thule Guarantee gives you specific legal rights.

Can you fix a cracked roof box?

Fix the roof box into a position where gravity will pull epoxy into the crack. Then work the epoxy into the crack with a mixing stick or a small brush, or inject the epoxy using a syringe. Use a fine blade or stick to push the epoxy as far into the crack as possible.

Does Thule ship to Canada?

Shipping Rates Thule offers free standard ground shipping on orders of $129 or more in Canada (oversized items excluded).

How do you remove a Thule end cap?

To remove it, find a drill bit small enough to insert through the center hole. Then use the next size up. you should only need to drill in less than a quarter of an inch to remove enough of the rivet to free the cap.

How do you remove a Thule fitting kit?

In order to take the old Thule # TH145148 fit kit off of your Evo Clamp Feet for Thule Crossbars – Naked Roofs – Qty 4 # TH710501, you’ll need the hex tool that came with the Evo feet; you’ll want to unscrew the internal bolt using that tool until it loosens enough for the old fit kit to be removed.

Why is Thule out of stock?

Due to the recent unprecedented demand for outdoor products and the global stress on international supply and shipping chains, many of the orders we expected to ship are still backordered.


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