What is cadastral Tech?

What is cadastral Tech?

Cadastral technicians design and create maps and blue-prints, converting new measurement results into the real estate cadastre of a community. They define and indicate the property boundaries and ownerships, land use, and create city and district maps using measurement equipment and specialised software.

What is the purpose of cadastral surveying?

Cadastral surveys are generally performed to subdivide land into parcels for ownership under a land title and to re-establish boundaries of previously surveyed properties to determine the physical extent of ownership or to facilitate the transfer of the property title.

What are the components of cadastre?

A cadastre commonly includes details of the ownership, the tenure, the precise location (therefore GNSS coordinates are not used due to errors such as multipath), the dimensions (and area), the cultivations if rural, and the value of individual parcels of land.

How cadastral survey is done?

The cadastral survey is carried out by the surveyor who should adhere to legal and geo-spatial measurement principles. The surveyor is responsible for checking the deeds, maps of the properties, survey records, and other legal documents to establish legitimacy.

What is cadastral work?

What is the responsibility of a technician?

The technician’s responsibilities include monitoring and servicing systems, diagnosing problems and troubleshooting equipment, running tests and completing reports, updating and improving existing systems, and repairing or replacing faulty equipment.

What’s the role of a technician?

A technician is a skilled employee who repairs, installs, replaces, and services various types of equipment and systems. Each day, a technician spends time tackling different tasks, depending on the issue, such as analyzing problems, running tests, and repairing equipment.

What does cadastral surveyor do?

Cadastral surveying is a process of measuring new or changed boundaries of a land parcel and includes recovery and restoration of land boundaries. The main reason of doing cadastral surveying is to give an unambiguous location of land parcels, their sizes and shapes.

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