Did Pat Quinn play for the Canucks?

Did Pat Quinn play for the Canucks?

Prior to coaching, Quinn was an NHL defenceman, having played nine seasons in the league with the Maple Leafs, Canucks and Atlanta Flames.

How long was Pat Quinn GM of the Canucks?

General managers

No. Name Tenure
7 Pat Quinn June 1, 1987 – November 4, 1997
Mike Keenan (acting) November 14, 1997 – June 22, 1998
8 Brian Burke June 22, 1998 – May 3, 2004
9 Dave Nonis May 6, 2004 – April 14, 2008

Did Pat Quinn win a Stanley Cup?

Quinn coached 183 games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, winning 94. He reached the Stanley Cup Final in 1980 with the Flyers and in 1994 with the Canucks. Coaching Canada on the world stage, Quinn is alone in winning gold medals at the Olympics (2002), World Cup of Hockey (2004) and World Junior Championship (2009).

What teams did Pat Quinn coach?

Edmonton OilersHead coach, 2009–2010Toronto Maple LeafsHead coach, 1998–2006Vancouver CanucksHead coach, 1996–1996Vancouver CanucksHead coach, 1991–1994Philadelphia FlyersHead coach, 1979–1982
Pat Quinn/Teams coached

Who was the GM of the Canucks in 2011?

Mike Gillis
The Vancouver Canucks were one of the best teams in the league with Mike Gillis as their GM. But, he destroyed the club’s future. When the Vancouver Canucks won straight President’s Trophies as the National Hockey League’s best regular-season team in 2010-11 and 2011-12, everything was fine in British Columbia.

Who are Kent Hughes sons?

Kent’s son, Riley Hughes, was selected by the Rangers in the seventh round (No. 216) of the 2018 NHL Draft and is a junior at Northeastern University (NCAA). His other son, Jack Hughes, is a freshman at Northeastern and is No.

What teams did Pat Quinn play for?

Pat Quinn

Season Team GP
1993-94 Vancouver Canucks 84
1995-96 Vancouver Canucks 6
1998-99 Toronto Maple Leafs 82
1999-00 Toronto Maple Leafs 82

What is Jim Benning doing now?

Benning has now left the Canucks to toil where he always has, last in their division – this time sitting in eighth place behind the expansion Seattle Kraken. While it may astound most how Benning managed to last this long, the good news for Canucks fans is that this is truly a fresh start for the beleaguered franchise.

Who are the Canucks assistant GM?

The Canucks have recently had an overhaul of their hockey operations department after Rutherford took over as team president in December. Patrik Allvin was hired as the 12th GM in the franchise’s history with Émilie Castonguay and Derek Clancey added as assistant general managers.

Is Pat Quinn in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

It’s official: the late Pat Quinn is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Along with Eric Lindros, Sergei Makarov, and Roggie Vachon, Quinn was formally inducted at the Hall of Fame in Toronto on Monday.

Where is Kent Hughes born?

Montreal, CanadaKent Hughes / Place of birth

How much do NHL GM make?

Most GMs coming into the job can expect salaries ranging between $1 million and $1.5 million, with the more experienced GMs earning $3 million or more.

Is there a woman GM in the NHL?

The NHL still has never had a woman GM.

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